Yoga Expo Los Angeles

I’m so excited to be hosting a booth at the upcoming Yoga Expo in Pasadena on January 5, 2019.  My booth will mostly have handcrafted items made by me to help support your practice of mindfulness, meditation and yoga.  Stay tuned my online store, Sama Tree Apothecary and Essentials will be coming soon.  See you in January at the Expo!

Here’s more information on the Yoga Expo:


Thinking about all that has been happening lately, it’s always a good reminder to keep “peace” the main goal each day.  Upon rising, if we keep peaceful thoughts and if we use peaceful words when communicating we can start to create peace within.  Taking time out of our day to breathe; looking up at the sky and seeing the beauty we receive everyday just by looking up.  It’s peaceful , it’s free and it’s a gift.  Share peace with others, by starting to be the peace within.  Share this with your children for they deserve peace. They will be the peacemakers of our future.                                                               -Rachel



Welcome to Sama Tree by Rachel Gonzalez!

Please stay tuned for more information and sharing as we grow and support others through the practice of Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga.