School Year 2016-2017

It was such a privilege to work in a local public elementary school this year with my pilot program, Introduction to Mindfulness in the Classroom, 6 week program.  I worked with 6 classes for 6 weeks ranging from Kindergarten to 4th Grade, over 160 students- I just loved working with them!  The program was well received and liked by many children and teachers.

I look forward to my upcoming programs this fall.  I hope everyone is enjoying their well deserved summer!

Here are some of the reviews from teachers:

Mrs. Gonzalez models a calm, peaceful demeanor that makes anyone want to know how she achieves that state of being!”     M.V.-teacher/Glendale, CA

This program gave me a new language to use with my students.  I remind them to be mindful as they walk, line up, and make decisions about their actions.  The breathing techniques are helpful for all of us.  Thank you for bringing this to our school.”     S.M.- teacher/Glendale, CA

This program was beautifully facilitated by Mrs. Gonzalez.  Students were completely engaged“.   C.K.- teacher/Glendale,CA

Rachel- it was quite a gift you shared with my 1st grade class and me.  I loved your calm, kind, gentle instruction.”   N.W.- teacher/Glendale, CA

Here are some of the reviews from students:

I feel like HAPPY”   Kindergarten student/Glendale, CA

I like mindfulness seeing.”   Kindergarten student/Glendale, CA

With the boat…calm me down.”  (anchor breathing)   Kindergarten student/Glendale, CA

Comfortable, safe, calm, happy, good.”   1st grader/Glendale, CA

It made me feel happy. My favorite thing is sitting straight and tall.”   1st grader/Glendale, CA

My favorite thing is the mindful breathing.”  2nd grader/Glendale, CA

It felt peaceful and it felt like I was walking on the cloud.” (mindful walking)  2nd grader/Glendale, CA

I liked mindful seeing.  I never noticed all those colors.”  3rd grader/Glendale, CA

I learned that mindfulness can make me calm.  It helps me to stay happy.   3rd grader/Glendale, CA

Doing mindfulness breathing was so calm and relaxing so, I liked it.”   3rd grader/Glendale, CA