Adult Yoga Class Descriptions

Current Adult Yoga Class Descriptions:

Flow: This class focuses on Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga (connecting breath to movement) and builds heat, strength and flexibility. Previous yoga experience is highly recommended.  This class will be more challenging than Gentle Yoga.

Gentle Yoga:  A calming, stress-relieving yoga class to stretch and strengthen the body gradually. Emphasis is on building awareness of the breath and the body. Asanas/postures are practiced at a slower pace with attention to alignment, detail, meditation and mindfulness. Recommended for all levels looking for a lighter approach, especially those newer to yoga.

Stretch and Strengthen/Core:  This class combines strength conditioning exercises, traditional yoga poses, basic stretches, and relaxation exercises designed to strengthen and tone the body, and to focus and calm the mind. Props will be used frequently in class to support the student. All levels welcome, but this class is more challenging than gentle yoga.

Yin Yoga:  In Yin Yoga postures are more passive asanas, mainly done on the floor. Yin Yoga is unique in that you are asked to relax in the posture, soften the muscle and move closer to the bone.  It is not uncommon to see postures held for 3-7 minutes. The time spent in these postures is much like time spent in meditation.  Props are mainly used in Yin Yoga.  Accessing the deeper tissues such as the connective tissue and fascia and many of the postures focus on areas that encompass a joint (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine).  Yin offers a much deeper access to the body.  Connective tissue is different from muscle and needs to be exercised mindfully and differently.  Suitable for all levels: Beginner to Advanced.        “If you gently stretch connective tissue by holding a yin pose for a long time, the body will respond by making them a little longer and stronger”.  -Paul Grilley

(All classes are 75 minutes  in length unless listed otherwise. Yoga Sama Series at CCLCF classes are 60 mins.)


Before taking up a yoga practice you should seek advice from a doctor and discuss the suitability of these practices for your personal health. We do not offer medical advice. Those suffering from high/low blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, vertigo, nervous disorders, heart conditions and other chronic conditions or disabilities should always consult a doctor before taking up the practice of yoga and other exercises mentioned in this site.