Yoga Expo Los Angeles

I’m so excited to be hosting a booth at the upcoming Yoga Expo in Pasadena on January 5, 2019.  My booth will mostly have handcrafted items made by me to help support your practice of mindfulness, meditation and yoga.  Stay tuned my online store, Sama Tree Apothecary and Essentials will be coming soon.  See you in January at the Expo!

Here’s more information on the Yoga Expo:

Sunset Gentle Yoga at CCLCF this Summer!

Join me this summer for Gentle Yoga!  Starts, Wednesday June 20th

June 20th through August 18th (no class 7/4), 7pm at The Community Center of La Canada Flintridge.  Register here!

Wind down from your day with a well rounded Gentle Yoga class for calming and stress-relieving.  Stretch and strengthen the body gradually.

Yoga postures are practiced at a slower pace with attention to alignment and detail.  Emphasis on building awareness with the breath and body using Mindfulness and Meditation. Recommended for all levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced) looking for a lighter approach, especially those newer to yoga.

Yoga Sama Series III

Spring is about new opportunities!  Join me for my Yoga Sama Series III Program, starting on Monday April 9th from 9:15-10:15am at the Community Center of La Canada Flintridge.  This program is great for folks new to yoga or anyone looking to practice with a small group.  YSS III, is for 4 weeks (meeting on Mondays at 9:15am) and you can register directly with me at the studio or online.  There are only a few slots since, the class size is limited, so register today!

Class Descriptions:  Click here for descriptions

Class Calendar:  Click for Calendar

Register online: Sign Up Here 

Mindful Children’s Yoga, Spring I

It’s that time again!  Mindful Children’s Yoga at The Community Center of La Canada Flintridge starts back on Monday, April 9th.  Yoga and Mindfulness lessons for children ages 9-12.  We have a great time and create great connections!  Join us!  Register at:


Thinking about all that has been happening lately, it’s always a good reminder to keep “peace” the main goal each day.  Upon rising, if we keep peaceful thoughts and if we use peaceful words when communicating we can start to create peace within.  Taking time out of our day to breathe; looking up at the sky and seeing the beauty we receive everyday just by looking up.  It’s peaceful , it’s free and it’s a gift.  Share peace with others, by starting to be the peace within.  Share this with your children for they deserve peace. They will be the peacemakers of our future.                                                               -Rachel


Yoga Sama Series at CCLCF


I’m excited about my new yoga series: Yoga Sama Series at The Community Center of La Canada Flintridge!

Now is the perfect time to start a yoga practice.  Start fresh in 2018, with the gift to yourself.   Believe me,  your body and mind will thank you!

Join me on Mondays, starting January 8th from 9:15 am- 10:15 am (60 minute class).   To register or for more information:  Yoga Sama Series for Adults

Yoga Sama Series

Event Phone: 818-275-0299

  • January 8, 2018 - April 30, 2018
    9:15 am - 10:15 am

Space is limited to 10 students per class. New Students arrive 5-10 minutes early to sign waiver. Class fees/packages are non refundable. Please refrain from using your cell phones during class- switch to do not disturb mode or silent. Avoid wearing perfumes or fragrances due to others sensitivities and allergies. If you arriving after the class start time you have a 10 minute grace period to enter. Please come in quietly and join us. Thank you!